mouse mouse

happy texture tuesday, dear kim!

ok, before you think i've gone off my rocker ... er, slipped off my throne ... (someone get the cane) ...

i just want to say that i was completely out of my mind excited to use your new textures today
for this very image ... i mean ... what better to go with white and black&white than the loo?

and why on earth do i have a loo image?

well, it just seemed to be the natural image to follow my coffee image ...


just part of the mortal muses weekly challenge i was telling you about ... happening over in flickrland ...

between this and your super duper inspiration stay.cation, i think my head is going to topple!

mind blowing!


but before it does, here is the recipe ...

. one image of a loo ; )
. slight curve adjustments
. one magnificent black and white texture layer . luminosity . 39% opacity
. one layer of pure white . luminosity. 52% opacity . layer mask ~ brush out bits . gauze pattern overlay tweaked

that's a wrap!

thank you thank you thank you for creating these remarkable textures ...

your magic in these creations just add such a new dimension to well, creating!

cheers to you and all you do!