hey there girlie.... how are you?

do you remember the beautiful lilacs?  we waited so long for them to open....and they did, and they were so amazing.....  i miss them!! 

but i dug in the archives and found a few 100 pics of them....and that made me HAPPY.

so, i used one of my new 2 for textures on this image......

here's the scoop.

desaturated this image (yep again)
a levels adjustment
then i added the new texture 'black & white' at multiply 88%
then i duplicated the base layer....pulled it up on top of my layer's palette....
and that was that.......

happy tuesday pg and anyone else who may be dropping in..... waving hi!!

xxo, kim


A Box of Chocolates 3.8.10  

beautiful again what can i say but beautiful

melinda jayne 3.8.10  

Thanks so much for the info. Can't wait to try. Totally support your price increase!

Prairie Girl Studio 3.8.10  

ok young lady ... i thought my heart was going to stop when i saw this ... i KNEW these texture were going to be brilliant ... and THEN!
then ... i slipped over to your cafe ...
W O W ... love your variations ...
and SO happy to see these beautiful blooms
once again touched by your magic ...
: )
yes, i am your fan.