good morning to you both.

oh, no!
three gray days in a row here.
how 'bout some comfort food and drink to enjoy inside where it's warm.

at least it's not snowing...
and we are almost half-way through the work week!

i must admit, i'm not quite prepared for today.
i had something else lined up.
but it's okay to take a detour every now and then.
i was going to post this photo at some point anyway.
just a repeat on the sweet theme from monday and the orange theme from yesterday.

so... i wish i had a fabulous recipe for this delicious pastry you see... this dessert that could even serve as breakfast.
you both are always generously posting recipes and instructions for your foody fans.
but i can not seem to find the recipe anywhere.
perhaps i am googling it under the wrong name?
{i was told it's called 'le petit monde d'oiseau'... french for 'little bird nest'??}
so i call upon you both or anyone who stops by.
can you help me out?
point me in the right direction?

have you had it before?
if not, it's a pastry filled with custard and apricots and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
i had some while visiting a friend recently {with teccino herbal coffee!}.
it's really quite enjoyable.
{eh-hem... yes, i know it's not allowed on a raw food diet. but i could make an exception now and then, right?}

well, i hope your day is shaping up just grandly.
can't wait to see what you both have today.



kelly@thebluemuse 10.3.10  

I once had a very similar pastry in Germany, same apricots/custard but more like a cake. No recipe though, which is probably a good thing because it would be dangerous if I could make it for myself...

Prairie Girl Studio 10.3.10  

good morning georgia girl!

you know ... outside it's gray here as well ... but in 'here', you are bringing us loads of sunshine ... *hug*

i really like this photo ... a lot ... and i am most curious to find the recipe as i love apricots ... so i will go a looking and see what i can find as well ...

hmm ... and something else for me to seek is the teccino herbal coffee ... do tell ... it sounds really good!

thanks, too by the way for being the early 2bbb bird ... i feel like a teenager 'sleeping in' knowing you are here first thing ...

goodness all around ... and thanks, it does look like today is shaping up 'so far so good' ...

have a dandy day in every way my dear!

xo, pg

Susan Tuttle 10.3.10  


georgia b. 10.3.10  

oh, p.g.

glad you asked. teccino {i believe is the brand name} is what is called herbal coffee. but it's not from the coffee bean at all, rather from carob beans. it's delicious with sugar and cream -- the way i like my coffee too. there is no caffeine in it, and i believe the brand that i had added some almond or amaretto flavoring, too.

it's very good! i highly recommend. my friend's husband said it smells like paint. it sort of does. but it tastes a whole lot better, especially with all the sweetness added.

Kim Klassen 10.3.10  

hey georgia
oh my, i do love this image.. it has a really cool kind of urban feel to it... ya know?

and of course it looks DELIC.. as sweet susan tuttle commented. :)

i have no idea what else it may be called... hmmmm...

hope your day is perfect in every way...

so happy you are here!! xxo, kim