well, good morning!
we made it to friday!

so, i've managed to bring you popping red, vibrant orange, and some bright yellow!
how about some soft color today?
soft pink in a spring magnolia.
it's been very spring-like all week here, and although gray and rainy, very very warm!
and you know what?
the sun is out with a vengeance this morning!
it's so bright, i can barely see my monitor!

so, let me get right to it.
i'd like to answer the questions you both posed to me.
what a delightful, whimsical list!
i do believe i will enjoy answering them all.
so without further ado...

kim, you first asked:

1. chic flick? thriller? horror? what genre do you enjoy most?

i'm going to have to say "chick flick". i have {like my mother and sisters, and a couple of my closest friends} fallen in love with the story of jane eyre. i've watched every film version that exists {i think seven or eight???}, and i've watched a couple of those versions probably ten times each. {the charlotte gainsbourg/william hurt version and the newest masterpiece theater version are the best, in my opinion... especially the latter. it is a MUST SEE!}

i also LOVE the anne of green gables series and any movie made from a jane austen book. i know, who doesn't, right???

2. are you messy or neat? or in between?
woh, this is a loaded question! my husband calls me the "slob from slobovia". i know how to be neat and organized. and when i am, watch out! i'm almost OCD about where everything goes and how it should stay that way. but then somewhere along the way, i release that control, and i just let myself be. then i start to develop many piles of clutter. yikes! you have me baring my soul, here! :)

let's just say, in between. or both??? if that makes sense. *wink*

3. if you could have dinner with a celebrity... who might it be?
i LOVE this question. i think i would have to say anthony hopkins or daniel barenboim. {he was the director of the chicago symphony orchestra for years, and is also a renowned pianist, in case you were not sure.}

okay, now for p.g.'s questions:

1. when you stir sweetness into your teccino ... do you clink, clink, clink your spoon against the side of your cup .. or quietly swirl the goodness?

i think it is the second of the two, but i'm not sure, because i never paid attention. i'm not quite dainty enough to picture it being the second of the two, but i also dislike noise, so i can see it not being the first. you've got me curious now, and i think i will have to pay close attention next time i have teccino, coffee or tea. {all i know is i LOVE cream and sugar in all three.}

2. if there was one blessing today that you are 'over the moon' grateful for, what would it be?

i can honestly say, it is having the chance to have met such beautiful and gifted women as yourselves and being allowed to be a part of your space over here this week. i mean it. i'm not just saying it 'cause you two are reading {or because you paid me that $50 to say it. *wink again*}. i am sincere when i say that it HAS been a blessing, and i AM grateful for it. {but more on that tonight when i post my farewell...}

3. if you could share just one blog link that simply makes you swoon, what would it be?

love this question, too! i have to say, there are SO many i love. but the one i always go to and am always amazed by is bloom, grow, love. i ADORE her photography and her ability to write such short and sweet posts to go with her photos. every time i go visit, i'm blown away by her artistry. there is just something about her work that is magical to me. *sigh*

this was a blast! thanks for asking and allowing me to share some things about me. way too fun!

okay, my friends. i'd like to come back later tonight and post one more thing. so i best be getting ready for work now. i'm to stop on the way and meet a friend for starbucks. she called and said she has a little "just because" gift for me! OH, MY! how cool is that?

you, kim... and you, prairie girl... you guys rock! love you two!

big big hugs!
~g.e.o.r.g. . .

{oh, thanks to kim, too... for getting me hooked on textures! and to the generous flickr friends who share their textures with us! i posted another texture pic on my photo blog, too... if you'd like to see.}