GOOD MONDAY MORNING, sweet kim and sweet prairie girl!

i can't tell you how excited and delighted i am to be spending the week over here with you two.

it's foggy outside here where i live, and lets face it... it's a monday morning, so i'm a bit foggy inside, too. but i'm waking up by the second as i type and as i think of the fun week of guest blogging to come.

i thought i would bring you two {and everyone else} some color this week. were you aware that last week was color week on flickr? apparently i missed the boat on that one. oh, well. i'll try to make up for it this week.

so today it's STRAWBERRIES... fresh, sweet, organic, wholesome strawberries.
why strawberries?
well... a few reasons.

one. you two are just as sweet. you really are. you both have brightened each day of mine since i've met you.

two. it's going to be near 50 degrees here today! it's got me so plum excited, i think i'm jumping right out of winter, right on past spring and right into summer's sweet strawberry days! i'm a sun and heat girl. i love the newness and blooming of spring. but i could easily skip right on by to get to those sunny, warm, humid days... you know, where you sit by the pool with your feet in to keep cool and sip ice-cold lemonade with a strawberry on the rim of the glass? ... sigh...

and three. i'm starting a new eating lifestyle. i'm switching to a raw diet. of course, this might be difficult to do 100% of the time, so i'm sure it will be somewhere under 100%. but i'm going to try to incorporate raw food into my meals as much as i possibly can. thus the strawberries i bought last week {and couldn't resist photographing}.

i found a cookbook... wait, scratch that. i found this great UNcookbook a while back called raw. it looks like it has some great recipes for making this kind of diet change not only doable, but enjoyable! i look forward to using it. {and as you might imagine, there is some great food photography in there!}

well, now i've gone on and rambled like i had hoped not to. i'm just way too chatty for my own good sometimes.

thank you, again for inviting me here this week! what an honor to be writing and posting my photos amongst your words and pictures. truly!

have a great monday start to a great week!

{hey... i just realized, this week we're 3bbb!}


Kim Klassen 8.3.10  

good morning georgia
we are just so thrilled you are here...

what a delcious strawberry image... FABULOUS.. and so cheery on a monday morning.

oh wow, good for you on the raw diet... i hear and know it can be amazing for your health and wellness. please do, keep us "posted"...

again, soooo happy to have you here.

talk soon, kim

margieandkath 8.3.10  

warm weather, heaven. nothing like spring to put a spring in your step but wait, wait, it's only march.

Prairie Girl Studio 8.3.10  

slurp slurp ...
smack smack ...
what a sensationally sweet surprise your strawberry is this morning!

it's wonderful to have you here, georgia ...

rooting for you for your raw diet ...

love the UNcookbook ...

loads of smiles,
pg xo

Angela H. 8.3.10  

love all three photos! as my friend said today on facebook, 'spring is sprining!'

happy week to you. glad you're sharing your space with my sis. she's sweet as strawberries, too.

Kim Klassen 8.3.10  

hi, hi ... angela, aka georgia's sister...

how nice of you to pop in. yay...

we just love your sister... :) so happy she is with us...

have a fabulous week...