...we haven't time -- and to see takes time like to have a friend takes time.
~georgia o'keefe
hello there, my friends.
it's unusually quiet this morning.
i don't know why.
a beautiful haze hovers over this area,
and the sun is so soft yet so bright through the haze.
does that even make sense?
it's very dreamy... must be why i simply did not want to wake up this morning.

well, today's post will be a bit shorter.
i have a busier day than usual.
but i wanted to take the time to stop.
to look.
to tell others to stop and look too.
i hope we never stop noticing the big things
no matter how small they may seem.
may our lives never be too busy for that.

tomorrow, i'll tell you a little more about this flower,
and in doing so, a little more about me.

thanks for the green and bright pink yesterday!
you colored me cheerful immediately.

happy tuesday.
~g.e {...wait for it... wait for it}


Prairie Girl Studio 9.3.10  

oh georgia ....
thanks so much for this delicious image ...
and for the message ...
today is a good day to step back and truly see ...
looking forward to when you write more ...
prairiegirl xo

Kim Klassen 9.3.10  

hi georgia,
i'm with pg... can not wait to see what you may share tomorrow.

truly enjoying your time here with us....

this is a lovely image... i love the sweet touch of text... i mean love.... ♥kim